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– Stretching Limbering-up exercises which objective is to stretch muscles, and ligaments in order to provide muscle and articulation flexibility. Stretching is a type of soft gymnastics.
This type of training corresponds to very specific needs. Because of the characteristics of the basic activities — yoga, the Pilates method, stretching, breath control, shiatsu… — this concept can be a very effective way to manage stress and fatigue. The entire session is guided by considerable respiratory work. It is an effective way to regain  vitality, flexibility, conscience, and body balance  together with the physical and psychic harmony .
– Gym douce hot based on a mixture of Tai Chi, Yoga, the Pilates method, posture improvement, relaxation, and balance. This program combines the best of all types of soft gymnastics to help you feel more in shape.
– Power plate / plateforme vibrante A vibrating machine for fitness and training.

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