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The BODYCOMBAT is a very powerful, relaxing cardio-vascular training course class. It s inspired from martial arts in a variety of disciplines such as: karate, boxing, taekwondo, taï chi and the muay thai. Ii is accompanied with rhythmic music and lasts 55 minutes during which you can burn some 737 calories.
The BODYBALANCE is associated with Yoga, Taï chi and the Pilates helping you to gain strength and flexibility, together with concentration and calmness. Thus your breathing is under control, not forgetting your concentration and an appropriate series of relaxation movements and postures associated with good music. All these factors lead your body into a harmonious and balanced atmosphere, lasting 55 minutes and help you to burn some 390 calories.
The BODYATTACK stands as the right cardio vascular training course inspired from various sports. It aims at fostering strengthening and power in an electric atmosphere. Aerobics athletic movements and exercises to strengthen balance are carried out in an interval training course. The body attack leads you to be in good shape forever! You can therefore burn 675 calories in a session lasting 55 minutes.
The BODYPUMP It is all about an original course using weights that immediately sculpts, strengthens and tones your entire body. The Body Pump is based on the Rep effect (repetition effect) and it is the fastest method to strengthen your muscles. This process works out all your muscles. You can benefit from the group effect accompanied with up to date music, for the better results you can expect from it! These exercises are done using weights. You can thus work out your resistance, the intensity of the movements for 55 minutes thus burning some 530 calories.

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