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THE ZUMBA is a physical fitness training programme combining aerobics, jazz dance. Its choreography is inspired from Latin dance styles such as (salsa, meringue, cumbria, regaaeton, kuduro), but also from a variety of dance styles such as bollywood, belly dance or swing.
It is a cardio Latin dance from Colombia. It was launched by Beto Perez, a Colombian dancer and choreographer of many artists like Shakira.
How does a zumba class go on ?
Zumba classes are 45mn to 60mn long. Like most fitness activities, the class starts with a warm up session with choreographic movements that increase the cardiac rhythm and ends with muscle relaxation exercises.
What are the benefits ?
The Zumba dance lets you burn 500 to 1,000 calories per hour. Besides shaping your body, it also offers you enjoyable moments as the choreography is carried out in a good spirit atmosphere. It creates a lot of fun.
Who can do the Zumba ?
Actually, there is no need to have been a dancer for ten years. Anyone can do the Zumba, except if it is forbidden by a doctor.
Zumba clothing 
You need a comfortable clothing like a jogging, a legging, a t- shirt , a nice pair of sports shoes, a towel and water.
You can also visit the website : http://www.zumba.com 
In short, The Zumba is designed for those who wish to relax, get rid of stress, increase their seduction power and most of all tone and strengthen all parts of their body.

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